Modern Sanitation

A transportable dry toilet and ecological sanitation service for densely populated settlements and challenging environments worldwide

Improved Quality of Life

Mosan leads to improved hygiene and reduction of disease spreading. Our solution avoids contamination of the environment. A brighter future, for all!

From "Waste" to Resource

Mosan's circular system transforms human excreta into valuable resources and replaces artificial fertilizers

Awareness is All

Mosan offers capacity building for communities, organizations, and institutions, promoting awareness on healthy practices

Designed for Dignity

With its elegant design the Mosan Toilet is a status symbol representing a clean and healthy future

A Global Crisis

Still 4.2 billion people lack access to improved sanitation.

That means more than half of the world has no access to a safe toilet.

The consequences are disease spreading, high mortality rates, and environmental contamination.

Mosan System Graphic

The Mosan Solution

Mosan is a smart circular sanitation system, which includes the award-winning aspirational Mosan Urine-Diverting Dry Toilet for in-home use. The comprehensive solution improves health conditions, protects the environment and water sources, transforms human excreta into valuable resources while creating local business opportunities. All Mosan products have been designed in collaboration with local communities and stakeholders. Mosan provides toilet technology and sanitation services for challenging environments.

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Project Updates

Mosan’s Springer Scientific Publication

On November 2021, Mosan had a scientific article published by Springer in the Circular Economy and Sustainability special edition journal. It was an immense honor for us to collaborate with such a prestigious publishing company and have the chance to share our experience of operating a decentralized sanitation system for over three years with a global audience.

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World Toilet Day 2020

On November 19, Mosan organized an event to celebrate World Toilet Day, a United Nations observance, dedicated to raising awareness of the global sanitation crisis and to achieve SDG 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. World Toilet Day 2020 focused especially on Sustainable Sanitation and Climate Change.

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User Feedback from Santa Catarina Palopó

VIDEO: We are grateful to have visionary minds like Sandilia to be part of our service. Sandilia is a Mosan user and believer in change. She and her familiy use the Mosan Toilet and Service since Septmeber 2018. And not only use it, but promote it and innovate with our team to develop it further. We love to co-create.

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An Award-Winning Solution

We are proud that Mosan, part of the #1000solutions portfolio, contributes in a meaningful way to a greener planet.